Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nice five year plan you LIAR! I hope that every single sonic fan boycotts that nasty swill that you pawn off on the public for 5 bucks a shot. I will never ever buy another starbucks product as long as i live. How can a hometown boy ripoff his city for a profit. All you had to do Howard (the duck) was to open another 10 more swill shops in china or some other third world country and you would have made as much money as you did ripping the hearts out all the sonic fans. I bet Fred Brown, Jack Sikma and all the rest of the great sonics are just lining up to buy your swill this morning. I wish all your gutless other silent (ripoff artist owners) would make themselfs public like you did MR. DUCK! so we can vilify them and boycott there business too. But slimy snakes they all hide under rocks. One great thing is that this city no longer has to look at your ugly lying mug in the sports page or on TV. The next time I want to hear anything out of you lying mouth is when you announce that you are moving Starbucks headquarter to Oklahoma City. You and your lying business partners will fit in nicley with the lying New Owners "We are not planing on moving this team" unless you give me a 400 million dollar Palace so my overprice under talented crybabies have a place to showcase their less than NBA abilities. Howard the Duck i hope you burn for this i hope you are run out of this state it does not need people like you. I bet you would sell you first born for a profit. Thats what you rich dudes do isnt it? Its all about having a bigger boat. You need to sell so you can buy a bigger boat that Paul Allen has good luck on that one. Hey i have an idea why dont you buy the Seahawks and then you can run them into the ground and sell them too. Then you can work on the Mariners but they are already being run into the ground. Good luck in you lying adventures NOT!!!!